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So Many Waves MESH Durag - Assorted Colors

So Many Waves MESH Durag - Assorted Colors

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Assorted colors of So Many Waves Durags. So Many Waves Durags are considered one of the best forms of compression on the market for 360 waves. Mesh rags are perfect for using after washing hair to allow the hair to dry faster while still being compressed. Whether you are using after a wash, or just want light compression, these durags will definitely get the job done.

NOTE: These durags are in very high demand and always sell out very fast. If you want to be sure you see the restock, please follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page. We always post there when we restock. Thank you for your patience! 

NOTE: Many of you have questioned which colors normally have wider straps. I have put together a video that will allow you to see the strap size for yourself.

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