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eXplosive GROWTH Hair Oil

eXplosive GROWTH Hair Oil

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This daily all-natural beard and hair growth elixir helps strengthen hair follicles and replenish essential nutrients to promote healthy hair growth. Featuring aptly selected active botanicals that collectively work wonders to speed up robust hair growth process while breathing life back into dull and damaged strands. This proven formula is effective enough to stimulate growth in as little as 7 days.

*Comes in a 4 Oz bottle!



We use a process called seeping to infuse our oils with all of the benefits of each herb. The herbs are allowed to soak in the oil for 4-8 weeks before they are drained. Each bottle contains fresh dried Rosemary and Hibiscus to further enhance the already amazing qualities of this blend.



Oils (All Certified-Organic)

Roucou Oil: This oil is high in ellagic acid, which is an antioxidant Roucou oil neutralizes free radicals to protect against UV radiation encouraging hair growth. This oil provides plenty of vitamin A, and acts as an astringent making it perfect for those dealing with dandruff or eczema. Roucou oil is also known to stimulate the production of melanin, so it keeps the grays away!

Jojoba Oil: Rich in vitamins and minerals Jojoba oil nourishes the hair root and hydrates hair shaft within while promoting a healthy scalp. Great for treating dandruff, dry scalp and itchy scalp.

Argan Oil: Full of fatty acids and antioxidants like vitamin E it boosts scalp health that

results in preventing hair loss. This oil is also known to reduce frizz and boost shine.

Neem Oil: With vitamin E and other antioxidants Neem oil helps skin regeneration and leads to healthier scalp that assist in lustrous hair growth.


Herbal Extracts (All Certified-Organic)

Stinging Nettle: This powerful DHT blocker is nutrient-rich with fatty acids and minerals that help nourishes the hair follicles to promote regrowth.

Catnip: This herb is helps locks in moisture and adds volume and thickness to hair. Catnip also helps to reduce split ends and stimulate hair growth.

Hibiscus: Rich in vitamin C and amino acids, Hibiscus makes hair shiny, smooth and luscious. Hibiscus is also great for treating dandruff and premature greying.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry): The phytonutrients, vitamins and essential elements present in Amla help in raising the scalp circulation and stimulate healthy hair growth. Also serves as a natural hair conditioner.

Thyme: Thyme encourages hair growth by stimulating the scalp, improving blood circulation and preventing hair loss. This herb is also known as a natural remedy for Alopecia.

Chamomile: It's anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties keep the scalp in good health. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can relieve skin irritations such as eczema and rosacea.

Anise: It stimulates hair cycles for faster and healthier hair growth. Anise is also known to combat dandruff and dry skin.

Rosemary: As potent hair growth treatment as minoxidil without scalp itching as a side effect. Rosemary also prevents premature greying and dandruff.

Lavender - Lavender helps prevent dry scalp and dandruff. Additionally Lavender is known to stimulate hair growth.

Burdock Root - This herb contains many health benefits. For starters it is known to fight off many scalp irratations. It also strengthens hair and promotes hair growth and thickness.

Ginseng - Stimilate the scalp and promote hair growth. Prevent viral and fungal infections on the scalp. This herb is also known to eliminate dryness and dandruff.

Horsetail - Horsetail can boost scalp stimilation while reducing dandruff and improving hair growth speed.

Fenugreek - This amazing herb helps stimilate hairgrowth, promotes hair thickness, fight dandruff and add shine to your hair.

Ginko - Ginko has been proven to help slow hair loss by increasing blood circulation.


Bhringraj Oil(Eclipta Alba) Extract: It encourages hair growth by inducing hair follicles in the telogen phase of the hair cycle.


Aloe Vera Extract: The natural goodness of aloe vera improves the overall health of hair, skin and scalp. Aloe vera also acts as a conditioner, adding shine and softness to the hair.


Essential Oil

Therapeutic benefits of tea tree oil and peppermint oil clear follicles and increase circulation that encourage healthier hair growth while their fresh aroma and cooling sensation soothe the senses.


Suggested Usage:

 -Apply one to two drops to beard or per section of hair repeating as needed to cover the scalp.

 -Gently massage in the oil with the fingertips to evenly distribute it over the entire scalp.


For best results: use daily in combination with our Triple Double eXplosive GROWTH Hair and Beard Butter!

"If this doesn't work, nothing will!"

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