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High Quality Oil: Spotting the greats from the fakes!

With so many different oils on the market, it can be tough to differentiate between a good and bad oil. Unrefined, refined, cold-processed, extra-virgin, virgin, what does this all mean? During this article I will try my best to solve some of the confusion related to natural oils and their categories.


Refined – An oil can be refined in multiple ways, for multiple reasons. Using Coconut Oil as an example, refined Coconut Oil is bleached to remove the coconut smell... and taste from it. Both are safe for consumption, but unrefined oils are said to generally be healthier.

Unrefined – These are oils that generally have no chemicals added during the extraction process. Unrefined oils are normally referred to as “virgin”. The only real difference between virgin and extra virgin oils are the ripeness of the vegetable or fruit.

Cold-pressed – in summary, this refers to the method in which the oil is created. When an oil is cold-pressed, no heat or chemicals were used during extraction.

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